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Digital Product Development

Working with leadership, technical architects and developers, data analysts, and users, I help guide digital product development projects from discovery through deployment.

Digital Transformation Consulting

Every successful transformation shares one thing: commitment to empathy-driven innovation.

Find out how my process leads with the why to uncover the who, what, when, where, and how.

Content Strategy, Content Deisgn & Copy

Strategy on your mind? I develop content, social, SEO, and UX strategy that deliver ROI and engage audiences. Need copy? I've got you too. Let's talk about content goals and get to work.

Evolve for your customers

What my clients say

"I admire Helen's ability to quickly and insightfully look past surface-level problems to identify critical underlying pain points and then formulate thoughtful and artful solutions.  And her copy chops are beyond compare."  ~ Jesse Aitken

"Helen is the go-to expert on content strategy, copy, and modular content and someone who deeply understands the Pharma ecosystem. She's easy to work with, an asset to any team, and I look forward to working with her again."  ~ Dr. Samit Bisen

"Helen is a thoughtful, creative, incisive writer with the special ability to translate technical material into engaging, illuminating prose for the layperson. In our setting, she worked hard to research and develop complex concepts of measuring healthcare quality into text for the patient/consumer on our website."  ~ Cindy Barnard

"Helen is an extremely personable individual with the ability to communicate well at all levels. She did an excellent job facilitating high level meetings (including groups with some rather strong-willed members). She is excellent at interpreting difficult medical literature and creating content that is interesting and fun to read. She was instrumental in creating our website." ~ MaryAnna Kendziera

case studies

Multi-Channel Content Delivery

A global pharma org wanted a modular content system that enabled bulk review and approval of content that could be used across channels for a true create (and review) once, use everywhere system.

Global-to-Local Strategy Consulting

Global pharma company's local affiliates were not using Global content and instead were expending significant resources to create their own. This led to multiple versions and distribution of disparate messaging that lacked a cohesive brand look and feel.

Let's write your success story.

Whatever challenges you're facing, I can help. I will co-opt your goals and relentlessly pursue them.

Modular Content Ecosystem Transformation

A top 5 pharma company invested in blazing trails in Pharma by building a modular content ecosystem for commercial marketing content, enabling personalization at scale by customizing Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and integrating it with Veeva Vault Promo Mats and Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Content Design, IA, Copy & Naming

A top 50 pharma org needed content ideation, naming, and content design for the launch of a new old drug.

Copy Facelift

Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgeons at Aurora Health Care (now Advocate Aurora Health) needed to optimize content for search engines to drive organic traffic. We got them a nearly 70 percent increase.

Content and SEO Strategy

Beaumont Health invested in content strategy, content design, and copywriting for more than a dozen service lines, and our strategy delivered a 75% increase in organic traffic and a 15% increase in paid ad conversions (for the same budget) within the first six months.

SEO, IA, and UX

An academic medical center in California wanted to rethink the information architecture (IA) for their cardiovascular service line. We brought thr goods. And the results.


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